Fake It Till You Naked

by Rekstizzy

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released September 12, 2011

All beats produced by YoungHoon Beats
Recorded and mixed by Squib
Mastered by A. Mason
Art Direction by Hoya Chung
Photography by Randy Smith
Marketing/Promotion by Jordan Yue & Jaeki Cho

Featured Performers
Jkey - vocals
HOYA - vocals
Buddha One - vocals
Mieko - vocals
Xizi - vocals
DJ REC ONE - scratches
A. Kim of the Turnbucklers - guitar

for bookings/press/features contact: rekstizzy@gmail.com

for bookings/press/beats contact: yhoonbeats@gmail.com




all rights reserved
Track Name: American Dream feat. JKey (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
my american dream is something to see
i got a big titty bitch on a trampoline
her twin sister rolls a blunt of that oohwee
while i polish off this 40 in my jacuzzi
fuck sippin champagne in a dinky cup
i'll hold this cheap malt liquor with the pinky up
giddy up we livin yo i dont give a fuck
when i die dig me up you'll see the middle fingaz up
take a look at ya boy
shining so damn bright your eyes couldn't avoid
ray bans won't help oakleys won't either
i was deep in shit's creek i pulled both feet up
No GQ Style guide to buy these clothes
i flip the New Era back and sixty nine these hoes
i know we can't see eye to eye
so close them mufcukaz see what it's in my mind

uno dos tres
lets live our lives in bad taste
lets take these shots with no chase
its the american dream, got a celebrity's face

shieet, im in a crib with the solid gold doors
c'mon in, i'll give you the grand tour
see, i dont need no keys
the voice automated password is "ho please"
i got a trophy room, a petting zoo
a day care center for the kids while we screw
in the yard i got cars to flaunt with
whatever name brand that make you wanna spit on it
and you can feel free to do so
whatever helps you sleep at night ya lil buto
i used to be down on my luck
i used to be like you all wound up
but im livin the good life at last
i'm using a fur coat to wipe the ass
the only thing'll put a frown on my face
is a hooker with a dildo strapped 'round her waist

new york new york city is the home
i'll put it in my will yo bury my bones
in a 14 karat gold coffin
but tell these guests yo get these mufucken roses off him
cuz my folks emigrated to the states with a dream
with high hopes the little ones would make some cream
but why stop? who wants a car and a crib?
when i could live large and have a thousand kids
and send them all to schools with high ass tuition
let em run around like why ask permission
you'll see em with expensive coke habits
in and out of rehab? that's a symbol of my status
…but where are my manners?
i shouldn't brag, while i hail this cab
wit the homie j key on our way to the lab
and we ditch it cuz i didn't wan throw down for half
Track Name: Skrippers (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
oh there she goes
never wearin clothes
my favorite dancer
only answers to sierra leone
cuz she swear she's a diamond
and who am i to differ?
whatever gets her through the night
life as a stripper
i never try to give her no lip about
you're better than this i'll git you out
i jus zip my mouth and i tip her
liquor on the rocks melt
and curve wit my glass
similar to ya swirlin fine wine tits and ass
they'll hypnotize you
with they lips and eyes dude
then surprise you with the bill
so who's the real 2 live crew?

take it off take it off strip it off yeah..
one dollar two dollar three dollar chyeah..
take it off take it off strip it off yeah…
four dollar five dollar six dollar chyeah
take it off take it off strip it off yeah..
seven dollar eight dollar nine dollar chyeah..
take it off take it off strip it off yeah…
till i got no dollar but i'll be back tomorrow yeah

she's a hustla homie
i'm just the customer chronie
i wish she fucked wit ya homie
but she's a punisher wodie
t-pain said it best i'm in love with a stripper
common used to love her
mos def used to fuck her
matter fact he upped and wifed her
cuz truly theres nothing like her
she's a drug son she gon fuck ya life up
picture goldilocks with a fat booty
sittin in the big chair
scrooge mcduck, poolful of gold?
she'll bring her swimwear
but some of these guys come through
pocket's full of thin air
and wonder why they spend the whole night
like this ain't fair
but its one for the money
two for the hoes
three for mo money
cuz what else is there
Track Name: Posted feat. Jkey & HOYA (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)

hollup yall goin too fast my swollen balls can't handle that
i walk with a limp but you runnin so i'm playin the wall and standin back
some of these hoes is fly why it jus might defy gravity
put my finger in her mouth (Owwww) i hit a cavity?
nah she says its a go but please take it slow
okay fine im wit keepin the traffic signs yellow
hair down mellow corsette and stilettos
i hear violins and cellos singin tikki tikki tembo
the tempo can use some slow motion on that jello
them boobs is the jello that ass is the jello
and after i make em spread she smokes a cigarello
sips amaretto gets up and says lets go again hello
i get so damn emotional
cry while i fuck ya blow my nose like a muffler
touch down when i score do a dance at the end zone
love at first glance like denzel i never been in the friend zone

Eat a cup of ramen when I'm rhyming smoking yoohoo
that lethal diesel leave her stiffer than some new shoes
i grab buns like my hand inside a tutu
greedy with my pussycat i never ran a choo choo
and ya chick know how to fuck like she looked it up on youtube
now she's in my honda coupe got her slurping on some noodles
and i might go down if it's clean head new do
damn my moma say mah omblongata kinda coo coo
holdin up their ass cheeks lookin like deloreans
separating cheeks like northern and southern koreans
in less than 8 weeks i had it and then aborted it
i had a great week got a number and didn't store the shit
1 skinny 1 fat, fuck it ill do both of them
coke and rum, coke and opium got them open
petroleum gassed up droppin E like sodium
so whats the 411 hun
Track Name: Good Times feat. DJ Rec One (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
i got drink in my cup piff in my blunt
and i can pretty much say anything i want
im the new slick rick you betta lick the nuts
bad bitches lick the balls while they grip the pump
oh she a slut? i dont give a fuck
i'm 5' 9" i still slam dunk
fuk a live show dont throw ya hands up
keep ya hands down i'll pull my pants down
rockstars keep goin platinum and gold
rappers go wood shit never gets sold
so why the fuk would i, i mean i really wanna know
maintain self control or let the good times

i got drink in my cup piff in my blunt yeah
and i can pretty much do anything i want
this that new slick shit crank ya system up
savages spittin raw like two girls one cup
oh you mad? i dont give a fuck
i still got fam, im stil gassed up
fuck a live show don't throw ya hands up
keep ya hands down i'll i'll beat a fan down
rockstars keep goin platinum and gold
rappers go wood shit never gets sold
so why the fuk would i, i mean i really wanna know
maintain self control or let the good times
Track Name: Drunk in Public (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
yo i hate my addiction
to late night drinkin
in the daylight
limpin like a snake bite victim
i admit i'm wrong
and i've gotta change
but once the liquor's gone
i went out and got a tank
some more of that sweet stuff
up in my liver soakin
cause this club aint shit
but when the drink is pourin
its a celebration bitches
6 in the morn
or until we black out
and my visions gone
but so do all my worries
stress disappears
and the homies help me up
we get up outta there
it was a good night
although my head hurts
couple hours later
here come the thirst

roamin, drunk in the streets
where you goin yo come with me
cause we rollin, slumped in the seat
where you goin yo come with me
Fo in the morning, drunk in the streets
where you goin yo come with me
cuz we roamin, drunk in the streetz
where you goin yo come with me

it must be in my blood
cause my dad loves to drink too
a glass of that rice wine
in the living room
and i was out there
they could relate with
me in the streets of seoul
white boy wasted
pourin out shots of that johnny blue
fuk it i'm lyin, shit was johnny red
drink fillin up my head
had me slippin like a sled
woke up to momma screamin
why you pissin on ya bed?
couple curse words, slipped out my mouth
now i'm kicked out the house
makin a trip down town
where the cheap liquor flows
where we sneak into shows
and we represent for all you alcoholics in the zone
Track Name: Coolin' feat. A. Kim (of The Turnbucklers) (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
farewell to my fair weather friends
who wasn't in the stairwell dwelling
sharing everything with us
swearing by the words
'the world is yours'
and ever since i heard that
i was after my inheritance
with the swagger of an ol dirty bastard
i act like i'm parent-less immune to embarrassment
so pardon my arrogance and attitude at events
i aint playin, i'm after big game caribou
so peep what's mounted on the walls
heads aint ready, you count the odds..
if real recognize real, you count the frauds
and if it aint add up, then get the hell out of dodge
so goodbye and good riddance
if u wanna make it here you'll never finish
cause i'm in the race without a seat belt buckle on
i could shift gears and stiff arm you with a muscle car

i'm jus coolin baby

so when its all said and done
let the sun set on em
will tomorrow ever come
go and ask reverend run
he'll tell you what you wanna hear
i'll tell you one..
im the reason why ya girl jus got her hair and nails done
i got a box full of canned food
crumbs, you're all welcome to a handful
but don't don't bite the hand from any angle
cuz i'll pull back, not out of fear, but to spank you
my shit's the cat's meow the dog barkin
essential if you wann act wild
won't back down won't crack a smile
we jus capture the flags burn the castle to the ground
so howl at me wit ya gripes
you seen us right? throw the towels in the fight
or kiss the ring git down bow at the sight
or be the mice around these owls in the night
Track Name: Swingin' (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
i don't smell at all but somehow i seem filthy
like i'm always up to somethin i plead guilty
i'm a piece of shit it aint hard to tell
im oscar the grouch without a garbage pail
fuck harvard and yale i'm livin in a country
where you can learn more from howard stern and al bundy
No ma'am get wit the program
ill mosh pit you mufuckaz can slow jam
yo they kicked me out of sweet 16's for bein tipsy drunk
drag me out a pizza party, pissed in a dixie cup
my mom's womb rockin the room, she had to give me up
prematurely, slightly retarded, i'm fuckeed up
so when i'm in the club itz a celebration
cuz after i rock this spot yo hell is waitin
im delegatin wit winners oh you aint know?
we thought jerry springer was a game show

i know u aint gotta buck right? right..
and ya still got drunk right? right..
and ya still get love right? right..
but you know you still a scrub right? mehhh

but ya gotta do you man, do you
you gotta .. do you man, do you do you..
i don't really believe that you can hide?

shirt off in the club but its not for the sex appeal
im tracy morgan crazy, i'm on maury daily
they wan me to get vasectomized so i can't have any more babies
no more crazy reklis guys
in the club wilin, never tippin
reason why me and bartenders never click and
i guess the best things in life
are never free
cuz i want some ass but the dj keeps tellin me
take ya broke ass home
well forget ya then
its all about me and my guys yo
who's benjamin?
and if heads aint ready
then we'll sever them
and get rid of stupid ass trends that they messin with
undomesticated, the flow!
raw and uncut cultivated wit some 'ohhhh'
wanna be the most loved the most hated
and you the latter... so it dont matter what you sayin

u got one drink u got one drink yo x2
do the midget sip do the midget sip x2
don't leave a tip don't leave a tip x2
now act like u drunk act like u drunk x2
Track Name: The Hangover feat. Buddha One (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
you spent your whole life saving up
i spent my whole life savings up in one night behavin drunk
made a skunk hold the nose
boned a few hoes split they thighs apart like oreos
and i still can't get enough, its human anguish
how can i say this best in human language
angel on my right tryn shoulder the stress
until i see my own ass on the left, i'm like
we holdin on feelin safe with religion, lawd
i put my faith in my vegas winnings, aww
i get so high i hear angels singin', oh!
i get so drunk man this table is spinning
it's so dangerous livin in the fast lane
where them golddiggers at? i'll give em my last name
so throw the dice, hope the good side show
we rollin with em freaks so let the good times roll

we just cruisin through the avenue, ooh
we just chillin in the sky, halleluuuu
we just sittin around aint doin shit
livin life on the edge, tryn get a grip
the hangover

buddha one:
im so impenetrable like
sittin low behind tinted windows in a rented limo
getting high
my guy rep twist the widow
spittin fire with red eyes at the devil like
"whatever, it's iight"
up the levels on this rebel music
bumpin Prince and the Revolution
cruisin thru Mecca
some chicks like
"Buddha, u a puto, u too freka"
make u naked
make u shake it
playin Purple Rain to make u wetter
im iight that lifes not forever
so tonight ill get nice and never mind etcetera
check the excrement
its pure excellence
fresh as shit like manure is
lit up like minoras
chicks with manicured fingers to ism like florists
my fingers on a chick clitoris like a guitarist
u a freak bitch right?
look i know
we rollin with em freaks so let the
good times roll
Track Name: Drunk Dial (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
git ready babe
i'm comin through
i'm stoppin by
git ready babe
i'll come for you
i'm stoppin by

what you wearing baby
i bet you just hopped out the tub
lookin dangerous, i see you palmin a gun
just standin there, drippin wet
safety off, silencer on
that's how you light ya cigarette
or you grindin on yo teddy bear just thinkin of me
pullin and creatin friction wit ya undies
are they white, black, valentine's day red
well pull em off now, we playin simon says
except this record's dictating all of your motions
...now stick the phone in ya mouth
until the signal is broken
im not a bad man, you aint a skank or a hoochie
but when nobodys lookin you spank ya coochie

you aint into holdin hands or linkin arms
you more into gittin drunk at the bar and singing songs
you wanna hurt me but you dont mean any harm
tattoo ya name into my skin and put the ink in my arm
i'm like go on…. you fux with dudes who hesitate
featherweight like a pillow
they never say yes, but i will tho
hit yo spot like bingo
blow out ya back like endo
you'll be screamin and be fiendin like you need to jump out the window
pick up ya phone and tell me what you crave
i got this dick for delivery.. its got yo name
i'll be right there in 15 minute, 10 minute, five
rekstizzy has arrived
Track Name: Peephole (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
i met lil mama at the moma
right by the mona, lisa
she kept lookin over like a peeper
followed me home
on some, 'mommy can i keep her?'
now we're like cheech and chong …and the reefer
sweet senorita, sippin a marguerita
magazine avid reader, wannabe fashionista,
but she'll make ya jaw drop like a geezer
even scrooge ebeneezer would use the visa card to please her
but she's miss independent the ringtone is ne-yo
steelo make you wanna bring her home to meet ya people
equal to no other got ya mother feelin peaceful
if she only knew what we was doin, look in the peephole….

Ma Ma… I be fuckin these chicks
rubbin on they tits… sorry
Ma Ma.. they be suckin my dick
bussin on they lip
goo goo Ga Ga

now pull the drapes back and let the people see me
with this young breezy pullin off grapes just to feed me
life is easy but she makes it hard on my thang
(then give her the dick) you know that's part of the plan
i got a role to play responsibilities too
like if i remove her panties than i got to make it oohh
i pledge allegiance to your birthday suit
with my right hand high blowin a dandelion
watch the seeds fall on you
i could make it rain and juss pee all on you
but that wouldn't be right
a dinner and a movie then we'll do what we like
until my mom walked in, saw the whole sight like..

we never pick fights cuz we civilized
but i'd let her kick my balls jus for womens rights
do what ya like right? live ya life ma
as long as you provide the light for my pipe bomb
boom.. no stunt doubles when i jump
from this ladder like a mufucken dagger on ya humpz
lovely lady lumps
i'll eat sushi off ya booty
you aint gotta make me lunch
and you aint gotta clean
you aint gotta do shit
as long as you can do flips
from my favorite routine
momma won't be happy though
momma won't approve
especially cuz we freaky babe
i hope she don't intrude
Track Name: Sleep feat. Mieko (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
lets just chill right here like snow crabs in okinawa
lay in bed all day baby dont even shower
hour after hour wakin up to you sleepin
goin back to sleep this is no different from both of us dreamin
fillin the blanks in, silently thankin each other for the bread and butter
i couldn't see myself gettin from another
word to mother, your father's daughter's precious
if i should travel far i hope that you get all of my letters
should me and you fight
i'll write the make a wish foundation
cause you know me right? i'd be dyin to reunite
miss seein you every night
puttin pressure on my pipe
puttin pressure on ya back
until the sky turns white

if i ever do you wrong
have mercy on me
if i ever strung you along
have mercy on me

so when you think of us
is it love or lust you picture
cuz u love to tongue kiss me while you tug on my zipper
we're just wilin cuz we young wilin out reckless
love that shit about you, talkin shit bout all my exes
but they don't even compare
we was vibin from the entrance
no need to go on craigslist to look for missing connections no
this aint puppy love but i'll follow my nose
and bury that shit deep deep down in ya hole
cuz this town's full of coal
i might've found gold shit i don't know
cuz people play themselves like xylaphones
but i'm willin to bet you was feelin my steps
and if i gave you my all you would fill in what's left
i give up
Track Name: AA Meeting (Assholes Anonymous) (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
dude i'm shameless
attitude heinous
mind in the gutta
(wit my eyes on her anus)
if my girl's high maintenance
then i'ma make sure (what,
all of her shoes from payless')
cuz i dont beg dont crawl don't make enough
ends for us to be goin to the mall (yo fuck the mall)
and most yall claim independent
but if you see a sucka wit a nice car (you cling on and spend shit)
i offer no incentives (no deal)
please dont be offended (go chill)
they chasin cream holdin both heels
you betta run for ya life (hide ya oatmeal)

i'm just a nasty boy lookin for a nasty girl
livin in this nasty world juss maintainin x4 (oh word?, fuk that, oh word?, where the bitches at!?)

i aint here to blow ya mind
i'm here to fuck ya mind
and if i mind fuck ya
(you'd do the dutty wine)
lets bump and grind
fuck it- you should be so lucky
if i hump yo thigh
(like a yorkshire puppy)
i been yucky since a young age
funky like a cum stain, dont lie
(you would suck me off for chump change)
and i was drunk babe (drunk)
still am drunk babe (fucked up)
dont blame me when i say
(i still dont know ya fukin name)
maybe one day i'll grow
but for now i know
love's for suckaz i wont suffer for these stuck up hoes …
(i suppose)
Track Name: Amazon (prod. by YoungHoon Beats)
well, look no further ya found him..
face scowling, stomach is growlin
heart poundin runnin from a thousand
women in they night gowns
lookin at me right now
pitch forks and the torch in hand
forced me in the corner like a courtesan
i guess they never seen a mortal man
cuz these girls in they night gowns
lookin at me right now

like something to eat
i must look like a freak, why me?
hands in the air wavin a white flag
cuz back home i packed my bags
lookin for a hide away lookin for a new life
drivin to the west coast lookin for some new sights
until i hit a fork in the road
should've pulled out like the sword in the stone
on my left was the road on the map
on my right was the road less travelled on
the sign said vagabonds welcome
population 1,000 the small town of amazon
i was happy right then could've sang a song
thought i found a great place for my bag of bones
but see, behind me was a tagalong
eyes burned a hole in my back jus like a dragon goin..


got me thinkin fight or flight now
cause right before this it was a quiet town
jus me and that girl with the slight frown
hair jet black eyes light brown
when she finally spoke, she said "alright now..
you're not from this town, run while the light's out"
i asked what happens when the lights out…
ran a finger cross her throat like she had a knife out
i see.. i'll be on my way then
but i hope you dont mind me sayin
'fore i go i wann take you to a days inn
its like you set sail by the moon you look amazin
smacked me in the face for bein brazen
then she took me in the back and we made friends
little did i know i was caged in
couldn't hear the angry mob when they came in


from one look i understood what was goin on
no trial or phone call all hope was gone
so i stayed still tried to stay calm
i seen the wanted poster they put my face on
headline read he's an akon
he'll smack that ass, he'll get his ape on
he never raped anyone but he'll make songs
all bout buttery pancakes and lace thongs
so they inched in closer
like a pack of mongoose on a cobra
and i'm deep in my corner, feet gettin colder
and i wanna shriek please think this over
but they got the leather whips and the spiked heels
that fire in they eyes and that ice grill
i'm like a bite sized meal to a hungry appetite
but tonight i'm ill…